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GFKLexington Afterschool pickup

Genova Family Karate of Lexington now offers afterschool pick up and summer time programs.  We currently pick up from Gilbert Primary and Rocky Creek Elementary. 
          We strive to provide a caring, safe, fun, and healthy environment for children to spend their afternoons and summer vacations. 

            Once the children arrive at the studio they are served a healthy snack, followed by homework time.  We make an effort to help your child without just giving them the answer.  During this time the children are also required to read for 20 minutes.   After homework it is play time and the kids have a number of activities to choose from such as basketball, building forts, tag, racing, and board games.  At 5 o’clock Karate classes begin and while most of our afterschoolers take karate lessons, they are not required to.  Fridays are a do as you wish kind of day.  The kids watch movies, shoot basketball, play games, and sometimes even play with their electronics.

            Our genuine concern for your child’s well being make GFK Lexington Afterschool a smart choice for your afterschool care needs.